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Forensic Experience and Expertise

Dr. Louis Raymond of L. Raymond & Associates: A Professional Consulting Corporation, with LRA Labs, have extensive experience in the metallurgical, structural and failure analyses of medical prosthetic implants. The categories of devices analyzed to date include heart valves, dental implants, lumbar and cervical spinal fixation devices, annular physio-rings, and prosthetic knee joints. Client presentation of analytical reports that include fatigue and fracture mechanics, life analyses incorporating the effects of residual stress, fractographic analyses of fractured parts, metallurgical analyses of microstructures, and the evaluation of testing and inspection protocols.

Other experience with medical implant devices includes fatigue and fracture testing, crack growth rate testing, and the development of a customized fatigue test machine for wire fatigue testing of material used in a medical prosthetic implant. These test have been performed in air as well as in a simulated physiological environment.

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