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RSL Technology Center
Quality Control and R&D accelerated testing for stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement  utilizing FDI/RSL equipment

RSL™ Technology Center:

It is the goal of this technology center to be the pre-eminent laboratory for engineering and testing services, dedicated to the quantitative evaluation of materials, processing, product, environment interaction, and failures pertaining to hydrogen embrittlement stress induced cracking. To meet this goal, the center utilizes the most advanced testing techniques and equipment available.   Fracture Diagnostics' Digital Displacement Computer Controlled Rising Step Load (RSL) test systems is conducted in either bending or tension. This method has been demonstrated as the only available tool for providing quantitative data relative to the effects of hydrogen embrittlement on high-performance materials.

Applications for RSL™ Testing 


The Rising Step Load, RSL™, flowchart illustrates the versatility of the various equipment in how they can be applied to numerous applications and test methods.


RSL™ Testing Laboratory

Tabletop RSL™ 4-pt Bend Systems are capable of exerting a moment of over 500 ft-lbs in simulated galvanic corrosion conditions under programmable loading profiles. The units shown above have been designed into the counter top; however, RSL™ computer controlled Bend Systems also have a fully contained design to become desktop standalone units.


RSL™ Tensile Testing Laboratory

RSL™ computer controlled Tensile Systems are desktop units capable of exerting up to 20,000 lbs of tensile force under programmable loading profiles. These efficient and compact units are powered by a standard 120V A/C power outlet and require no cooling system or waste disposal.

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