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Short Courses & Seminars

Dr. Raymond's work has been propagated through his research, publications, teaching, and consulting practice.

Dr. Raymond has also taught extensive short courses and seminars to government agencies, academic institutions, and the private sector. Key industries dependent upon Dr. Raymond's expertise include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Forensics
  • Transportation

Our Most Recent Seminar:

Dr. Raymond's most recent RSL Seminar and Exhibit was scheduled to correlate with ASM AeroMat 2004 Conference and Exhibition in Seattle, WA, 7-10 June'04 :

LRA Laboratories



Dr. Raymond and his Staff thank all those who attended our presentations that coincided with the SeaMat Conference in Seattle on 9-10 June '04, entitled:

RSL�  Digital Displacement Testing Systems

and the use of the RSL� testing method in many different applications


Dr. Louis Raymond and the staff of both firms demonstrated the technique and applications of this test method on an FDI 1200B  Bending Moment Test Frame

 Dr. Raymond answered several questions in the areas of:

�    Use in Failure Analysis

�    Accelerated KIscc measurements

�    Evaluation of coatings (IHE/EHE)

�    Product/Referee Testing

�    Equivalence between RSL  & SLT

�    Relationship to SSRTT (ASTM G 129)

�    ASTM F 519, F 1940, F 1624, NASM 1312-5/9

�    Use in residual stress measurements

�    Threshold vs Time-to-failure

�    Efficiency of Bend vs Tension

�    Martensite vs Bainite.


THANK YOU to all those who attended. Any comments or questions about the presentation can be directed to our website:  LouRaymond.com

or call: 949.474.0218


To inquire about one of Dr. Raymond's scheduled short courses or speaking engagements, or to schedule him for your own short course or speaking engagement, please [contact] Dr. Raymond directly.

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