L.Raymond & Associates
A Professional Consultant Corporation
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L.Raymond & Associates:
A Professional Consulting Corporation
Failure analysis, life prediction, and risk analysis supported by in-house laboratory facilities
LRA Laboratories is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). To view our IAS Testing Laboratory Certification of Accreditation click:


Since Dr. Raymond started his high-tech materials and corrosion laboratory, he has dedicated it to providing Southern California with engineering excellence. With over 25 years of experience and consulting for more than 500 clients, Dr. Raymond has accumulated diversified knowledge in providing engineering support and high-tech laboratory services to businesses, industry, government and the legal profession. He is dedicated to continue providing the highest standard of technical and laboratory support for materials science to solve manufacturing, design, service and maintenance problems.


Our goal is to solve manufacturing, design, service and maintenance problems with the highest standard of engineering technology combined with laboratory support.

In combination with government sponsored research in areas of alloy design, processing, and fabrication, LRA Laboratories stays at the frontier of technology with the use of advanced equipment including IMMA, TEM, SEM and X-ray imaging and analysis.



LRA has established a national reputation for utilizing both conventional and unique test methods to rapidly identify, analyze and solve problems. LRA Laboratories is a completely equipped lab providing mechanical testing (impact, fracture, fatigue), metallography (sample prep, macro-/micro-photography, microhardness), fractography (SEM X-ray microprobe, image analysis) and environmental effects (hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking). Specializing in failure analysis and R&D programs, LRA uses the latest laboratory equipment including:

- Hydraulic actuated closed loop computer controlled fatigue machine   - Computer controlled data acquisition and  reduction
- Finite element analysis   - Instrument impact (Kid)
- Electrochemical corrosion (Klscc)   - Quantitative fractography, stress estimates
- SEM / color graphics   - Particle analysis, wear
- X-ray, microprobe   - Life prediction analysis
- Tensile/fracture toughness   - Environment/fatique
- Hydrogen embrittlement   - Torque/tension of fasteners
Pressure vessels Bridge safety Helicopters Welding
Nuclear pumps Prosthetic devices Space shuttle Heart valves
Windmills Forgings Propeller blades Castings
Fasteners Carbides Supertankers Hardfacing
Aircraft Plating Offshore Platforms Titanium Tanks
Turbines Automotive Piping Composites

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